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Carnelian Mixed Chips Str36
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Carnelian Mixed Chips Str36
Home  >   Gemstone Beads   >  Reds   >   Carnelian Mixed Chips Str36"
Carnelian Mixed Chips Str36

Carnelian Mixed Chips Str36"


Carnelianís reddish-orange color can range from translucent to opaque. Since ancient times, carnelian has been polished and worn as jewelry. The Egyptians used it to contrast with onyx or lapis lazuli in collars and necklaces, while the Romans were fond of simply setting it in gold for jewelry. The finest carnelian is found in India, but most of the stones on the market come from Brazil and Uruguay. Ancient Egyptian warriors wore carnelian amulets to give them courage and the strength to prevail over their enemies. Carnelian promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success in business. This vibrant orange stone is also said to influence the female reproductive system and increase fertility and sexuality.

Strands are 36" long. Wear these chips as is or restring with other beads. Use our necklace shorteners to combine one or more long chip strands into a choker.
Price: $7.50 (strand) Qty: Add to Cart

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