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Silk w/needle  #8 Gray 0.80mm 2-Meter (6+ft) card
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Silk w/needle  #8 Gray 0.80mm 2-Meter (6+ft) card
Home  >   Cords/Wire/Chain   >  Fiber Cords   >   Silk w/needle #8 Gray 0.80mm 2-Meter (6+ft) card
Silk w/needle  #8 Gray 0.80mm 2-Meter (6+ft) card

Silk w/needle #8 Gray 0.80mm 2-Meter (6+ft) card


Carded silk comes with a twisted wire needle integrated into one end of the cord. This allows you to use a thicker diameter cord than possible when using a regular needle. Unlike synthetics, silk does stretch so we recommend pre-stretching it before use by hanging it overnight with a pair of scissors (or something of a similar weight) loosely attached to each end.

Silk works best for knotting between gems and pearls. In addition to creating the classic knotted look, the knots keep beads from scratching each other, and prevent you from losing more than one bead in case your necklace breaks.

Silk comes in wonderful colors to coordinate or contrast with most gemstones. Begin by tying your clasp to the very end of the 2 meter long cord opposite the needle and add beads from there. That way any cord left over will still have the needle attached. For a more finished look start with a bead tip or use French Bullion. Always secure the beginning and ending knots with Bead Cement.

We carry carded silk in size 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Itís important to use the largest diameter that will pass through all your beads. Use size 2 only when size 4 wonít fit and always knot silk between the beads to help distribute the weight and reduce the motion of the beads on the cord, which can cause fraying. Size 6 will fit most gemstones and makes appropriate size knots for 6-8 mm gems and glass beads. For larger, heavier beads use size 8 or 10 if possible. For very large-holed beads you can use two heavier cords and make square knots between the beads.

Silk can be weakened by repeated exposure to body lotions, perfumes, and hair products, so fine jewelers recommend restringing knotted silk necklaces periodically to avoid breakage.
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