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Malachite 10mm Round Str16
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Malachite 10mm Round Str16
Home  >   Gemstone Beads   >  Greens   >   Malachite 10mm Round Str16"/40Bds
Malachite 10mm Round Str16

Malachite 10mm Round Str16"/40Bds


The highest quality samples of malachite exhibit rings and bands of light- to deep green hues reflecting the way the nodules formed. The stone’s name comes from the Greek for "mallow" which relates to its green color. Most malachite originates in the Congo, but South Australia, Morocco, Arizona and France also produce some. Malachite’s softness (a 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale) and brilliant color made it popular for inlay from Egypt, to China and Aztec Mexico. Ancient Egyptians used malachite for eye shadow and as a pigment for paints and glazes as early as 3000 BC. Protect malachite from harsh chemicals and hard knocks, which can damage its relatively soft surface. Malachite occurs naturally with azurite so it tends to look good with deep rich blues. As copper’s ore, it also combines nicely with copper beads as well as silver or gold. In healing, malachite is valued as a powerful personal protector. It is considered to be a warrior stone and is able to enhance passion for life and the ability to be true to one’s unique purpose. Strands are 16 inches long with approximately 40 beads.
Price: $98.00 (strand) Qty: Add to Cart

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