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Beadazzled's 3rd Semi-Annual African Trunk Show

We all just can't seem to get enough of the beauty and historical and cultural significance of trade beads, so we invited our knowledgeable friend Ebrima from West Africa back to our stores to display his newest shipment of African and Asian strands.  If you haven't had the opportunity to come to a previous show, or simply want to be visually astounded, please stop by any and all of our three locations as Ebrima makes the rounds with his traveling museum of beads!  Our stores will each be hosting this fabulous African marketplace on the following days:


Baltimore:            Friday, June 3, 2011  11:00am - 5:00pm

Washington:       Saturday, June 4, 2011   10:00am - 6:00pm

Virginia:                Sunday, June 5, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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"Meet Your New Hobby"

Beads and Chain Necklace Class

In this class students will get a crash course in basic beading techniques while simultaneously creating a fashion forward and professionally made necklace utilizing a variety of beads and chain.  This class was designed to target novice beaders who need a little extra push in the creativity department.  We have specifically created a necklace pattern that requires students to follow a "recipe" that will help guide you through the process of choosing materials and beads.

This is a two-hour class, which is enough time to construct and finish your necklace.  During class you will learn the all techniques needed for this project, which is no problem because the techniques are simple!  Additionally, the instructor will also demonstrate all the different uses for these simple techniques so that you can quickly work your way to more complex designs and spark your creative juices.  Taking this one class allows you to work through a jewelry design that you would normally need two classes to accomplish!

The class fee includes instruction, use of the store’s tools, and a beaded chain class kit.  In addition to the class kit, students will need two feet of chain and about 16" worth of beads.  Students are encouraged to purchase the beads and chain not included in the class kit from the store's eclectic variety before class, or may bring supplies from their own collection.  If you are unable to come to the store to purchase supplies in advance, our web site has a selection of chain and beads that can be purchased for the class.  Use this one-time discount code, BWM10, on our web site at check-out and receive 10% off your online order!  See pictures of the project below for inspiration! Click here to download a "How To" PDF for instructions on construction techniques.  We have classes scheduled through June, so please check out the class schedule and select a time that works for you.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call our Virginia store and speak with one of our experienced, friendly and helpful staff members at (703) 848-2323.  You can also find additional information on this class in our handy Question & Answer fact sheetWe look forward to seeing some new faces and sharing our obsession for beads with you!

Think Spring Contest Winners!

We congratulate all of the outstanding designers who submitted work for this contest. Our customers have voted and the results are....

Single Strand Necklaces

In Washington:1st Place: Phyllis Frucht; 2nd Place: Michael Gesser; 3rd Place: Leigh Beynon

In Baltimore: 1st Place: Monica Camilli; 2nd Place: Lynne Hammel; 3rd Place: Julie Mercer

At Tysons: 1st Place: Judy Landry; 2nd Place: Sylvia Hong; 3rd Place: Dianne Hobbs

Judith Landry (Tysons 1st Place) and Michael Gesser (Washington 2nd Place):

Multi-Strand Necklaces

In Washington: 1st Place: Phyllis Frucht; 2nd Place: Amber French; 3rd Place: Jenna Beebe

In Baltimore: 1st Place: Phyllis Frucht; 2nd Place: Judy Boudreau; 3rd Place: Lynne Hammel

At Tysons: 1st Place: Diane Hobbs; 2nd Place: Judy Landry; 3rd Place: Sylvia Hong

Phyllis Frucht (Washington 1st Place) and Diane Hobbs (Tysons 1st Place):

Seed Bead Jewelry

In Washington: 1st Place: Joan Humphreys; 2nd Place: Brooke Webber; 3rd Place: Ellen Benson

In Baltimore: 1st Place: Amy Servino; 2nd Place: Monica Camilli; 3rd Place: Donna Dillman-Butler

At Tysons: 1st Place: Pam Troutman; 2nd Place: Ellen Benson; 3rd Place: Edward Davis

Pam Troutman (Tysons 1st Place):


In Washington: 1st Place: Clara Cantor; 2nd Place: Phyllis Frucht; 3rd Place: Jessica Tiemens

In Baltimore: 1st Place: Michelle Longway; 2nd Place: Diane Getty; 3rd Place: Barbara Morris

At Tysons: 1st Place: Cierra Roach; 2nd Place: Mishev Barth; 3rd Place Christine Leith

Cierra Roach (Tysons 1st Place) and Clara Cantor (Washington 1st Place):

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Details! Details! Details!

When browsing our store, be sure to click on the image or "Product Details" below the product name to access a wealth of information about the product and how to use it, along with a larger image of the item. Our talented team of in-store designers share their best color coordinating suggestions with you in the detailed gemstone descriptions and innovative tips for using clasps, earwires, and other components in the findings sections. In the African and Asian sections you'll learn a lot about how and where the beads were made...

Learn all about the History of Beads...

Want to know even more about the beads you buy? Click on the Reference Tab at the top of our Home Page to access the amazing Dictionary of Beads. This constantly updated collection of images and articles will give you lots of interesting information about what beads are made of, when, where and by whom they were made, how they were used and more. Knowledge adds value and we at Beadazzled are committed to helping you learn as much as possible.

Tips for Selling What You Make!

If you are one of our many customers who make money selling jewelry you will find a wealth of helpful tips and hints in the Bead Biz section of our website. Click on Reference Tab at the top of the Home Page to access the Bead Biz. Whether it's marketing and advertising, selling and pricing, or display suggestions you are looking for, this section offers frequently updated tips to help you grow your business.