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Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Findings, Silver Supplies, baltimore, maryland, virginia, va, md, dc
Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Findings, Silver Supplies, baltimore, maryland, virginia, va, md, dc

Beadazzled Gallery of Inspiring Jewelry



Serpentine necklaces by Penelope Diamanti.

Wire cuff bracelet with sterling silver wire, freshwater pearls, and glass by Darel Jordan.

Jasper, freshwater pearl, and copper necklace by Darel Jordan.


Left: lava stone, bone, and spindle whorl; Right: lava stone and red coral; by Cas Webber.

Delica and seed bead woven collar by Rashima Williams.

Delica and seed bead woven collar by Rashima Williams.


Earrings by Kathleen Manning.


Left: Metal beads and chain with suede straps; Middle: Mother of pearl, crystal, and peacock feather; Right: Metal beads and chain; by Kathleen Manning.

Amethyst, citrine, freshwater pearl, and seed bead multistrand necklace by Meli Diamanti.


Scarf cuff, necklaces, and bracelet in 2013 Pantone Color of the Year--"emerald"-- by Dotsie Mack.


Assorted gemstones, faux amber, and lost-wax brass focal bead by Penelope Diamanti.


Picture on Left: Red jasper and African lost wax brass; Picture on Right: Carnelian, peridot, and brass by Penelope Diamanti.


Faux amber, black onyx, spindle whorls, and Ethiopian centerpiece by Penelope Diamanti.


Resin and African lost-wax brass by Penelope Diamanti.


African amber, Nepalese brass, and turquoise by Penelope Diamanti.


Gemstones and African trade beads by Penelope Diamanti.


African trade beads and lost-wax brass.


Black onyx, African trade beads, Ethiopian white metal by Penelope Diamanti.


Glass, faux pearl and vintage findings by Tara Smith.


Citrine and apatite wiht antique brass findings by Dotsie Mack.


Coral and green garnet with carnelian and olive jade focal piece  

by Sylvia Butler.


Aquamarine and freshwater pearls with gunmetal chain by Rene Block.


Kyanite, chalcedony, amethyst, and sterling silver by Penelope Diamanti. 


Viking knit w/ glass beads by Meli Diamanti. 


Garnet and sterling silver multi strand necklace

using spacer bars by Penelope Diamanti.


Yemini silver and coral multi-strand necklace by unknown artist. 


Agate Beads, brass focal pieces, and

gold tone chain by Sylvia Butler.





The pictures below are from our book: Beadazzled, Where Beads and Inspiration Meet. In it we’ve gathered the work of many top designers. Our customers surprise us every day and now we would also love to showcase your work.

If you have professional quality pictures, feel free to e-mail them to us through the “Contact Us” link. Please include your name as you would like it to appear and any additional information you would like us to share. We reserve the right to edit information. Maximum dimensions and specs for photos: 750 x 750 pixels at 72 dpi. Thank you.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Findings, Silver Supplies, baltimore, maryland, virginia, va, md, dcBeadazzled: Where Beads and Inspiration Meet
The gorgeous, hard-cover, full-color, 208 page book is an excellent value at $29.95 retail.   ISBN 0-9778820-2-0

Beadazzled, the book is available in our online store.
Find it in the Books & Kits section.

For the first time this comprehensive volume gathers 70 of the top designers in the exciting field of beaded jewelry design. Drawn from 23 states, Canada and Israel, many have been creating wearable art for decades.


William L. Allen, former Editor in Chief of National Geographic, created 185 dazzling photographs especially for this book. Reproduced large and in full color, these images document the stunning diversity of the medium and the rich creativity it inspires.

In the introduction Penelope Diamanti weaves the fascinating history of beads together with her own and other designers’ experiences and insights. Seven chapters organize the work by materials, cultural influences, and construction.

The Gemstone chapter features magnificent jewelry made of semi-precious stone beads, while shedding light on the wealth of symbolism they convey. The bead jewelry renaissance of the 1970s produced a profusion of beaded adornment influenced by the vitality of African ornamentation. The pieces in the Africa chapter still astound us. The mystery and diversity of Asian cultures infuse this chapter with the energy of vibrant jewelry traditions of China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, and Central Asia.

Nature highlights the freshness and appeal of jewelry created with organic materials: wood, seeds, bone, horn, shells, coral, pearls, and more. Fiber and Metal explore new twists in texture and structure, demonstrating that beaded jewelry design, while drawing on tradition, is passionately alive. Contempo serves a visual feast of designs created with Contemporary American Art glass, space-age dichroic glass, and an eclectic mix of found objects.

Once prized for their ethnographic and historical interest, today beads and bead jewelry are also recognized as important art forms.

This essential survey of the bead renaissance of the late 20th and early 21st Century will delight artists, designers, collectors, and historians interested in beads and/or personal adornment.

About the Book Team
Photographer William L. (Bill) Allen served as the Editor in Chief of National Geographic for ten years. During his career at National Geographic as photographer, writer, and editor he covered the world for over 35 years producing hundreds of magazine articles and books on topics ranging from the discovery of the Titanic to 21st-century slavery. Under his leadership the magazine earned numerous top magazine awards. He lives in Alexandria, VA, and continues his interest in world cultures through jewelry and craft photography. More information is available from his website:

Author Penelope Diamanti, jewelry designer and owner of Beadazzled® retail stores, earned an MA in Journalism and worked at National Geographic before turning full time to her bead business. Having traveled the world as the child of a diplomat, she continued her exploration as an adult, collecting and researching beads in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She designed jewelry for galleries and museum stores before opening her three stores in the Washington/Baltimore metro area. She lives, works, and practices Tantra Yoga in Takoma Park, MD.

Art Director Constance H. Phelps brings 30 years of experience at National Geographic to this project. As Art Director & Senior Editor for National Geographic magazine, she was responsible for the look and feel of every page in the magazine, as well as designing over 800 stories. In addition she designed several books for their book division. She continues to design books and can be contacted at

“BEADAZZLED is a celebration of the love affair we have had with beads since the beginning of time. This book, brilliantly illustrated, captures the spirit of each piece, giving readers a glimpse into the souls of the designers represented and sparking the creative fires of those who aspire to explore their own spirit through beads. Artistry, history, and inspiration at its finest.”
Elaine Robnett Moore

Beadazzled: Where Beads and Inspiration Meet is...

• an inspiring and comprehensive guide to the exciting field of beaded jewelry
• an exploration of design, color, materials, and African & Asian influences
• a practical resource for artists, designers, historians, and collectors
• an introduction to the remarkable history of beads with bibliography
• photographed, written and designed by a team with many years of experience at the National Geographic Society

• sure to be appreciated by bead enthusiasts everywhere